Universal F-Bus Cables - Superman

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  1. Adapter Support 180-degree U-turn
  2. USB extend power supply
  3. Automatic online softwar upgrades
  4. For all Nokia,SAM
Packing List:
  • 1 pieces of Main Universal F-Bus Cables
  • 1 pieces  of Conversion Box
  • 21 pieces Adapters
  • 1 pcs of USB Headset Power Cables
  • 3 pcs of Bb5 Unlock Cable
  • 1 pcs of Power Cables
  • 1 pcs of NK Battery Adapter
  • 1 pcs of 26pin Conversion Adapter
  • 1 pcs of DVD
  • UFC Support Flash,UI,Unlock,Upgrade,Imei/PM Backup and enter Test / Local Model etc...
  1. 0/3.3/5.1/7.5/10/15K Resistance,solve N95…difficult to emter model;
  2. Extended USB Power cables ,solved low power unable flash problem
  3. Intelligent overcurrent protection,Protect box,phone, UFC saftely
  4. Adapter support 180-Degree U-turn,easy to connection phone
  5. Simple to dismantle basebord,solve difficult to press PWR SW problem
  6. With CA-53,DKE-2,CA-101 Cables,Support more the latest models
  7. Instead of NK,SAM…FBUS Cables,Support more the latest models
  8. With NK Batterry Adapter,make power cables easy to connestion phone
  9. With 26pin Conversion Adapter,Support more the Chinese NK phone
  10. Immersion gold/double-sided adapter,oxidation resistance is good
  11. Intelligent detection the UFC and adapter connection status
  12. With UFS,CYC,MT Switch,direct flash without conversion adapter
  13. Powerful UFC software ,adapter,resistance,probe locayion is clear
  14. Support according to phone Model,Type,Adapter ways to search
  15. Support soft new tips,Updates,use skill will first time let user knows
  16. Support soft online upgrade,synchronization upgrade latest versions.

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